Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lower Tropospheric Visions?

While it has been a while since I have had time to devote to shooting much, I have picked up my camera once in a while. Mostly I've been engulfed in the sometimes overwhelming project of remodeling my new townhome. After a hectic three weeks of work, I finally have the place remodeled and ready to move in, and am starting to move my furniture, studio and office this weekend.

I believe that homes have certain energies - partially caused by their location and surrounding environment, partially by architectural features and design, and partially due to unexplainable conditions that cause certain living spaces to feel warm and inviting, while others convey a sense of cold discomfort and uneasiness, and even hostility. Fortunately my new home is the former; warm, comfortable, and inviting. Situated in Southeast Denver, it is one of the rare places in the city that is surrounded by a somewhat natural environment.

My first day in the new home, I noticed these wonderful trees along the trail behind the townhome. Also, the magnificent red-tailed hawks circling overhead, and overall lack of city-noise gave me a great feeling. At around sunset, I looked out of my bedroom window, and saw the first signs of iridescence in the clouds, and grabbed my camera.

While this vibrant and iridescent display of color only lasted for about 15 minutes, and then faded into darkness of night, I took it as a wonderful blessing upon my new home.

To learn more about iridescent clouds and other atmospheric phenomena, Les Cowley's "Atmospheric Optics" website is the definitive source of information.