Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Natural Abstractions - Website Online

After many months of design, redesign, starting over, design, redesign, and so on, I finally launched my website!

Natural Abstractions - The Photography of Scott Carlin

Although I only have two of the galleries completed, and parts of the site are not yet functional, I feel a tremendous relief getting the bulk of the development behind me, for now.

I will be adding a Guestbook, Contact Form, and eventually may implement a Print Ordering System from the website. My main focus though, is to have the images available for viewing.

I welcome all constructive feedback and comments about the site and my photography. You can contact me from here, or from the Contact page on the website.


Beth Ellen said...

You're abstract work is very inspiring. :)

Scott said...

Thank you Beth Ellen! The admiration is mutual. I have another series of natural abstractions that will be posted within the next couple of weeks.

sky said...

Namaste' Scott, you are a true artist and such a darling. Your website is amazing and I encourage anyone who loves art and photgraphy, and who embraces such a world to check it out..GOOD JOB!!