Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Dwelling


Azure Islands Designs said...

Do you ever wonder what happened in situations like this...scruffy grass, a once well kept barn of sorts...a nice looking boat to cruise the waters??? What happened in to make someone abandon all this???


Scott said...

Thanks Heather! I seem to have this thing going with old dwellings lately. Something about the geometry and decay... it does make you wonder what it once was in it's day; a shiny new boat in a shiny new barn, with no lakes around for many miles.

Thanks for commenting!

Robin Easton said...

I LOVE old buildings that are abandoned. They get me so thrilled wondering who lived there, what the story is, what their life was like. I can at times almost feel like I'm invading some long ago privacy...even if all the people have been gone for years. It's a powerful experience. This is a lovely photo, Scott. So good to see you back. I'm sending you a big hug, Robin. Hope you are all settled in and really enjoying your new digs. :)