Thursday, March 26, 2009

The High Desert is calling; it wants me back.

It has been an interesting and challenging few months. Delays caused my house remodel to drag on longer than I expected. My business is feeling some effects of the limping economy. I am learning many new technologies, and have jumped full-force into SEO analysis as well. I am learning new studio lighting techniques. I am learning to multitask more than ever. The final piece (for the moment) of the four-month remodel was having the carpet installed yesterday! I will finally get to move in upstairs, have a bedroom, and set up the office.

For the last four months I have lived in about 400 square feet of the house, sleeping on a mattress in the living room, next to my "office"; a shanty-town of a studio which consists of two computers on the dining room table surrounded by ever-increasing stacks of paperwork, computer accessories, printers, scanners, headphones, and hard drives . I feel like it is consuming me. This all changes today! Nice new bright carpet now adorns the base of my new office. Ample space, and a beautiful view out the window make a perfect new beginning.

Just in time for spring. I am emerging from a long winter's hibernation, and have really missed being outside, hiking and shooting. With the critical parts of the remodel complete, I can get back outside with my gear and soak it all in. My body seeks to awaken. My mind and spirit long to breathe and reconnect. The buds are on the trees. I need to embrace every day, and keep things moving. I miss nature photography. With my new dwelling now habitable, I can get a bit of the balance back. The balance that feeds me.

I am starting off the season spending another week in the desert around Moab again at the end of April. For a few of the days of the journey, I will be attending the Moab Photography Symposium. If you are attending this event, please contact me and I will look forward to meeting you there! It will be an amazing few days with an impressive line-up of photographers and artists.

Here's a few photos from last year's personal Utah expedition (unrelated to the Symposium), that have been gathering binary dust up until now…

Holeman Spring Canyon in a Sandstorm

Scattered clouds over White Rim Canyon

Strata and Erosion

A Warning to be taken very seriously on this road: "Soft Shoulder"



Geminai said...

You know .. I know of ANOTHER high desert getaway where you could get some R&R. *innocent whistle* ;)

There's someone who's been my kind of "sounding board" for my new web site, so she's seen all the pages as they're growing. When she looked at the page where I have links to other photographers (18 others, at this point), YOURS was the photography she zeroed in on and really fell in love with. :) Just thought I'd pass that along. And she happens to be one of the 18!

Hope you really enjoy Moab, Scott. I can see why you're looking forward to it. The photography is beautiful!

Scott said...

Thanks Kippy! I know I've been absent on VV lately, and I briefly saw something about the website links and your new site. I'm glad your sounding board likes my work. :) I am anxious to see your new site! I miss seeing your brilliant work. We'll have to rendezvous again in 2010 (unless of course I have the luxury of more extended road trips later this year)

Hope things are well with you, Jeremy, and the dogs!

Robin Easton said...

These photos are GORGEOUS Scott!! Just stunning. They create a feeling of expansiveness in me. I too have hungry to get back out and hike and photograph and just be with nature. My work load has been so intense. I crashed yesterday and crawled into bed today with a cold...umless it's bad allergies from all the Juniper down here. Either way, I slept 5 hours. I never do that. But I just had to back off a bit. May do it tomorrow as well.

Loved your incredible comment on my blog. Was blown away that you also are fascinated by dreams. And dream vividly. What an interesting person you are.

Hugs to you my friend,

Scott said...

Hugs to you, Robin!
I had a hard time with photos from last year's Utah trip. The whole time I was there, there were sandstorms (good for skin exfoliation, bad for photography), and the horizon had a permanent brown haze. Now that I pulled these photos out, though, I am liking them more and more.

You mentioned on your blog that my photography seems to capture a dream-like quality - it is intentional. To me, I strive to achieve a balance between reality and the imagination; stretching the boundaries of reality. I don't achieve this mood in photoshop (99% of the time), I just capture it as I can. I think most of that desire to capture the mysterious comes from a very vivid imagination, and a lot of reading in my childhood.

Thanks as always, my dear friend! Looking forward to more lively discussions. Are your soles toughened up yet?

Azure Islands Designs said...

Stunning happy I didn't miss them!!

The visual of the land, the lack of or very little vegetation, the color...everything is so very different from anywhere I've been before...

It is photographers like yourself who allow people like me to have a glimpse of places we would never see other wise! For that thank you!

Scott said...

Thanks Heather! It is ironic - I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, and didn't make it to the desert until high school. Since then, every time I go back it grows on me even more.
I'm off in exactly a week to get more desert photos!

Cheers, and thanks for the comments! :) You add life to my blog.