Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Center for Fine Art Photography
Opens New Gallery

Photo Credit: The Center for Fine Art Photography

After many months of hard work, long hours, and coordinated efforts, The Center for Fine Art Photography opened it's doors for the Grand Opening of the new facility in The Poudre River Arts Center in Fort Collins, CO, on Friday, March 7th, 2008.

The opening was done in conjunction with the Artist's and Public Reception for the 2008 Macro World Exhibition. The First-Friday Opening event was met with great enthusiasm, with over 400 visitors as well as eleven exhibiting artists in attendance.

The new facility has a coffee shop, classroom, digital and wet darkrooms, an outdoor courtyard, and a larger gallery. Read more about it here.


Kinsey Barnard said...

Thanks for sharing that.

I hope to pass by that way some time and have a look. Do you have anything hanging?

Scott said...

Hi Kinsey, I currently do not have any work in the current exhibitions, although I hope to have some selected in the juried shows this year. I am the web designer/webmaster for the Center. When you are in Colorado, be sure to let me know!


sky said...

Namaste' Scott! wow this is cool! just being around that many artists and artist lovers at the same time, I can FEEL the energy through the screen. I wish you all the best on having some of your fabulous work displayed, you certainly need to share your gifts with the world.


Scott said...

Namaste' Sky! The Center is a fantastic community of artists and raw creativity. You can see more of the online and physical exhibitions of the Center at

Abbie said...

People should read this.