Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Portrait

Life can be overwhelming sometimes.

So many new things to take in all at once. Adventures and interactions. New places, smells, creatures and people. Nature trails and creeks that demand to be explored. Squirrels that taunt, and snakes that slither. Mice that dart to the safety of their burrows upon my arrival. These are the things that must not be ignored.

After the adventure is over, sometimes a nap is in order.


Susanne49 said...

O.M.G. this is a great shot! That's how I felt this morning too...LOL..

Robin Easton said...

Oh Scott this is delightful and so warm. I have to admit though that I thought you were talking about yourself....I mean it seemed perfectly normal to me as that's how I am. I am the same as your dog. So I just figured that everyone is. LOL

I was in my yard the other day and there are about 20 neighbors' cats running lose and they all come in and out of our yard because we don't have a dog...yet. ;) Anyway, I saw a cat chasing the cutest little brown field mouse so I raced out and shooed the cat away then ran into the house and grabbed a hunk of cheese and threw it down in the crack in the wall where the mouse ran to escape the cat. I went out later and the cheese was gone. I felt so happy because I knew at least he had a good meal!

Anyway, this photo and post tickled me. I must be more dog that human. Or at the very least more animal than human. I feel just like your dog every time I go into nature.

And I too like to take a nap after the adventure is over!!!! LOL

Robin :) :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wonderful shot...that is about how I feel right now! :0)




I love dogs very much...well my dog in particular, but this fellow is just gorgeous. What an awesome picture!

Scott said...

Thank you Susanne, Robin, Heather, and Marlene! I couldn't resist posting it.

Robin, was the cheese for the mouse, or because the mouse wasn't yet fat enough to be a good meal for the cat?? Ha! As for as who's perspective this was written from, well, both of us actually!

I have not posted much lately, and am very grateful to you all for still visiting.

Geminai said...

*laugh* Awesome, Scott. Of course, being who I am, I can never resist a dog portrait. Kati (Katariina) has been taking a ton of dog portraits as of late .. she's gotten really great at it. So seems you and she have something in common. :)

Now, does this beauty live with you, or .. ?

Scott said...

Thank Kippy! Regarding Kati's dog portraits, I just took a look - I'll have to touch base with her... (we must have some parallel psychic connection across the pond! :) )

My parents, who live close by, adopted Casey from an Australian Shepherd rescue. He had been abused and neglected for the first 2 years of his life. For their first three months with him, he was dangerously aggressive and skiddish, and even had two seperate trainers tell them he was "untrainable" and "unadoptable". They didn't believe them and knew there was something about him that was special, and thought that he was young enough that he could change. Now six months into him being with them, he has become a gentle, playful, squirrel-chasing loyal friend and family member. I'm sure I'll have many more photos of him soon...

Hope things are well!

Anna said...

Oh my, this is actually cool photo. Anna :)

Katariina Järvinen said...

Great expression captured and lovely story to accompany it! Brilliant stuff, Scott - looking forward to seeing more of your photos of him!!